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Politics dissertation topics UK


50 Topics That Can Get You Started With Your Next Politics Dissertation

Dissertations are tough. Period. There are no two ways about it. As a student, you may have already realized how difficult dissertation writing can be. First of all, it’s a time-consuming process. In a stage, where free time is a luxury, dissertation writing can be a nightmare for the students. Secondly, it requires a huge amount of research work to prepare an original dissertation, which can put enormous pressure on the paper writer, i.e. the student.

Politics dissertation topic
Politics dissertation topic

Besides, there’s always other challenges like the lack of knowledge, a stringent deadline and inadequate paper writing skills which make the whole situation quite worse.In such situations, if you are told that you have the liberty to choose the dissertation topic on your own, it may reduce the stress a bit. But there’s a twist in the tale.While the option may allow you to choose the dissertation topic as per your convenience, it also puts an additional pressure of choosing the right topic for the paper.

Since it’s a dissertation paper, you can’t risk your grades by choosing a mediocre topic. You need to do a certain amount of research to cherrypick a topic that can grab the attention of your reader and provide you with enough scope to explore the matter.

For a subject like politics, where every other issue is controversial, it can be quite troublesome for you to choose a topic that can function as the core of a brilliant argument for your next dissertation paper.

If you study Politics as a part of your academic curriculum, you may be aware of the fact that it’s a vast area, and if you need your dissertation to be compelling, you need to spend a considerable amount of time in search of the perfect topic. Or maybe not.

Here, we have assembled a number of intriguing ideas for a Politics dissertation that may save you from that trouble. These topic ideas may not cover all the areas of Politics and international diplomacy, but this may help you get a concrete idea of how an ideal topic may sound like.

Dissertation examples and dissertation topics for politics

  1. The role of modern day technology in the Political sphere
  2. Critically analyze the connection between media and democracy
  3. Understanding the role of media during elections
  4. Why the USA never had a female president?
  5. Is there a way to increase the turnout on the Election Day?
  6. Should there be any changes in the system to regulate immigration? Discuss.
  7. How has the evolution of media changed the practice of election campaigns?
  8. Is it government’s responsibility to reduce the practice of gambling and lotteries? Discuss
  9. Should there be any changes in Australia’s foreign policy? Discuss
  10. Should the government determine the rights of immigrants or there should be an international norm?
  11. Should the government have a say in the case of religious establishment (church, mosque, monastery, etc.) building? Discuss.
  12. What should be the role of government in making the country corruption-free?
  13. Should there be political transparency among various political groups?
  14. The significance of having only one official language in the country.
  15. Should there be more transparency in the actions taken by the government?
  16. Should the citizens of the country be allowed to learn about the wealth of crucial politicians who are governing the country?
  17. What are the biggest threats to Australia’s foreign policy?
  18. How the government has shaped the countries progress in the past 20 years?
  19. The contrast between the functions of the British Parliament and Australian Parliament.
  20. Is democracy the best way to run a government?
  21. Do the governments around the glove taking enough measures to handle environmental issues like global warming?
  22. Is it right for the government to censor the internet?
  23. Discuss the changes brought by the Liberal Party of Australia since they came to power
  24. The role of the Australian government in eradicating unemployment in the country
  25. The effects of same-sex marriage on the political campaigns since 2010
  26. The political changes in the late 20th century in Australia
  27. Compare and contrast between the functions of the legislative and executives in the presidential and parliamentary system of government.
  28. How has religion been used by the political parties in America? Discuss
  29. How the electoral systems and political extremism has affected developed societies in Europe? Discuss
  30. An analytical study of ideology versus competence in the grounds of politics
  31. Compare and contrast between conservatism and social reform: the United Kingdom versus the United States
  32. How Has Neo-fascism affected the 20th century Europe?
  33. Modern-day dictatorships and their political ideology: a comparative study between Gaddafi’s Libya and Kim Jong Un’s North Korea
  34. The transition of Italian politics from Polarized to moderate pluralism
  35. A study on Unionism and the welfare state in the United Kingdom.
  36. How does the diplomatic immunity affect the international relations between two countries?
  37. A study on interest groups and modern governments on the grounds of collaboration and coercion
  38. Discuss the possible future of interest groups in the lines of Corporatism versus Pluralism
  39. Compare and contrast between UK’s Bicameralism and Bulgaria’s Unicameralism
  40. A comparative study of the democracy in the Presidential republics and the Parliamentary republics.
  41. How the terrorist attacks of 9/11 have affected the international relations between middle-east and the western countries.
  42. The role of western countries in resolving Arab-Israeli issues.
  43. What are the major factors that favor the Conservative party
  44. Does the rapid economic growth of China pose any threat to the US? Discuss
  45. Discuss the development of Nuclear power in the Middle-East in relation to US’s foreign policy
  46. How does the US foreign policy influence the various other nations of the world?
  47. In the wake of Brexit, How can Britain employ its military, economic and diplomatic power to improve its position in the world politics?
  48. The effect of Russia’s seizure of Crimea and aid to the rebel forces in Ukraine in its relation with the west.
  49. Does the Chinese model of Capitalism challenge the Western view – “Capitalism and Democracy are two sides of the same coin”?
  50. Why are countries like Iraq and Afghanistan punished while Russia and China are allowed to get away with infringements of the international law?

As you can see, these topics cover some of the most interesting areas in the world of politics, and if you want to secure better marks for your dissertation, you also need to pick a compelling topic.

Politics dissertation
Politics dissertation

However, there are a number of areas that you need to consider while choosing a topic for your academic paper. Here are some tricks that may help you pick the right topic for your next dissertation paper:

1.Choose a topic that you are familiar with:

It is not always possible for the students to work on the dissertation from scratch when they are chased by a stringent deadline. If you are already familiar with the topic, you will have an upper hand in the matter.

2. Consider the reader’s preference:

While choosing a topic, it is important to consider what the readers want to read. After all, you are drafting the paper for them. Since a dissertation is read by the professor and other scholars, it will be better to choose a topic that pokes their interest.

3. Look for the debatable issues:

Apart from considering the interests of the readers and yourself, you also need to see which topic provides you with the opportunity to explore new areas through arguments and discussion. If you offer something new to the readers, they’ll be more interested in reading the paper.

That’s it. Now go ahead and take the first step towards creating an impeccable dissertation by choosing the right topic for your dissertation.

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