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SH6000 Assessment One


Assessment One – Online Group Presentation (25% of the total mark for the module)

As an assessment group (formed in Week 3) your task is to prepare and submit an Online Group Presentation. Your group should consist a maximum of five individuals. You will work together as a Group throughout Semester 1 and time will be allocated in class for your group to meet. You will also need to meet as a group outside class time as the deadline for submission approaches.

Group Formation: Your group will form in class in Week 3. If you do not attend that week, your Tutor will assign to a specific group. Please note that you must remain with the group that you have been allocated to. Not wanting to work with an individual is not a genuine reason for requesting a change of group – this is the challenge of group work and it is important to reflect fully on the group formation and process.

Submission is required by Thursday 12 December 2019 by 3.00pm (Turnitin)

Your group presentation should:

  1. Briefly set out a case study of a management scenario or project management theme. This situation is one that your group needs to develop, and which allows you to explore aspects of management theory that will be covered during Semester 1.
  1. Please note that this will submission should not include management style which is assessed in the Workbook (Assessment 2)
  1. Examples of case studies can be found on weblearn although your group has the autonomy to decide on the theme. Your group tutor will check this with you in Week 5/6 to ensure your theme meets the requirements for this module.
  1. (10% of the total mark for the presentation).
  1. Set out your analysis of the context to the case study. You should carry out research to find the extent of the problem locally and/or nationally. For example, if the case study is about combatting organisational stress, you should demonstrate research into stress levels among health and social care professionals
  1. (20% of the mark for the presentation mark).
  1. Apply at least two management theories you have covered so far this year in lectures. You need to explain the theory- but the main aim is to APPLY the theory to the case study you have set out.
    • You are required to apply relevant leadership & management theories to your case study. You may also use either Tuckman or Belbin- but not both
  1. Please note that the focus is on the application of  the theories to the case study you have outlined- not for describing the theory
  1. (40% of the total mark for the presentation).
  1. Set out some recommendations to improve the situation presented in the case study.
  1. This should relate directly to the case study you have outlined, and to the theories you have chosen.
  1. (10% of the total mark for the presentation).
  1. Be carried out effectively in a professional manner. This includes evidence of team work, and presentation skills. Your references for the presentation should be included in the final slide in Harvard style.
  1. (20% of the total mark for the presentation)

Please note the proportion of the mark which is awarded for each element of this task – this should guide you on how long you should spend on each element of the presentation. There should be an equal contribution from each group member and a group mark will be awarded for your submission. The Module Leader reserves the right to award differing marks across a group where there is a lack of equal contribution amongst group members and there is evidence of this lack of parity.

During Semester 1, your Tutor will allow time for your group to work together, and will support you with the development of your presentation. Please note it is not the role of your Tutor to proof-read your work.

The Marking criteria for the online presentation will be indicated on Weblearn under ‘Marking Criteria-presentations’.