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Social Media and Society COMM 1083 SP2 2022


Assessment Exercise 2 – Review and Reflect.

Instructions: Please write your answers in the spaces allocated in this document, save it using the file name: your name and the assessment name, e.g. DamienSprySocialMedia&SocietyAssignment2.doc

Save it as a word or pdf document and upload it to learnonline, Assessment 2.

For each of the answers, the number of marks allocated is given. There are 20 marks in total for this assignment.

Any question about the assignment can be posted on the discussion board or directed to your tutor.

Good luck.

For questions 1-3, please refer to week 4: Surveillance Capitalism, including the video interview with Shoshana Zuboff and the presentation slides/video posted on learnonline.Social Media and Society

Question 1: Give two examples of what Zuboff (2015, 2019) calls behavioural data. (1 mark)

Question 2: In the surveillance capitalism model, (a) what are two uses of behavourial data, (b) what is sold to create revenues, and (c) what are four uses of revenues? (3 mark)




Question 3: What are Zuboff’s concerns about surveillance capitalism? (2 marks; hint: refer to the interview with the PBS reporter.)

For questions 3-5, please review to the week 5 materials, especially the boyd (2014) and the associated presentation.

Question 4: In your own words, and referring to boyd (2014), what is ‘technological determinism’ and why is it a problematic approach to understanding the role of social media? (4 marks; about 100 words).

Question 5: What are 4 affordances of social media outlined by boyd (2014). (2 marks)

Question 6: In about 100 words, describe how one of the affordances (from question 5 are evident in your life), or the life of someone you know. Give specific examples to demonstrate your knowledge of the term. (4 marks)

For questions 7 & 8, please reflect on the reading by Bossio (2017) ‘Social Media and Journalism Practice

’Social Media and Society

Question 7: Bossio refers to three changes in journalistic norms that have emerged due to social media. One is from ‘objectivity’ to ‘authenticity’. What are the other two? (1 mark)

Question 8: In your own words and with reference to Bossio (2017), describe the difference between ‘objectivity’ and ‘authenticity’ (3 marks; about 100 words).

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