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Suvie Kitchen Robot Kickstart Project


Suvie Kitchen Robot Kickstart Project

The question is:

Discuss the Kickstart Project – Suvie Kitchen Robot.

The answer is:

Suvie has been chosen as the case study for this report. This Wi-Fi enabled appliance can cook four individual meal components, such as sauces, proteins, vegetables and starches of restaurant quality. Suvie is beneficial to busy professionals and working parents, who have access to good food without having to do any of the work themselves – from shopping to prepping to cooking. With its capacity to serve two to four adults at a time, this device is available in the US and is set to be promoted in the Australian market.

Suvie kitchen robot
Suvie kitchen robot

Drivers and constraints of the project:

The reasons for undertaking and implementing the project

Suvie is a one-of-a-kind kitchen appliance perfect for busy working professionals and parents who have little time to cook. Boasting a highly efficient cooling and heating system with independent vegetable and protein zones, as well as a removable water reservoir and handy timer function, Suvie can cook delicious gourmet meals at the click of button (Garcia et al. 2017). However, that’s not all. You can also order pre-prepared meals from Suvie Smart Meals Delivery Service, which will deliver them straight to your door (Bovbel and Nejat 2014). As if that wasn’t enough, the appliance also takes into account different cooking times and adjusts accordingly according to what you put in it. This is why Suvie has been selected for a Kickstarter project implementation – because of its many features and benefits.

Project success can be affected by a number of factors

It will be an unfamiliar experience for Aussies to use the Suvie device for the first time, and they may find it complicated. They may be hesitant about its quality of meals and refuse to use it. This lack of trust in the food delivery service could potentially put a dent in their business due to the risks involved.

Proposal for the project:

The implementation of this project and its potential outcomes

The Suvie kitchen robot has been designed with busy professionals in mind; a great way to help them conveniently prepare meals without having to worry about the timing. It can cook food according to the user’s given timeframe and will even keep fresh vegetables refrigerated until they are ready to be cooked. Adding the water reservoir allows users the ability to further add water to their meals if desired. This appliance stands out from its competitors by offering features that no other cooking appliance possesses, making it a worthy investment for those who have time constraints in Australia. Suni provides quality meals and truly is a revolutionary addition for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Identifying the product’s potential target market

The Suvie Kitchen Robot must be marketed online through popular websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to showcase the product’s specifications (Young et al. 2016). In addition, Amazon is quite a popular site among the masses and customer feedback on the platform can be taken into consideration when making purchasing decisions (Bovbel and Nejat 2014). By selling their product on Amazon, the manufacturer will have access to customer suggestions which they can use to make necessary changes to improve their popularity and market share. The US people will get to know of Suvie’s benefits, leading them to purchase and test it.

The average Australian spends around $122 per week for food and drinks, however Australians living with a partner could see expenses go up to $336 a week. Recent statistics have revealed that 64% of families with two parents are both in the workforce, leaving little time to prepare meals. The Suvie kitchen robot could assist them in reducing their costs while still providing them with restaurant-quality meals. This device cooks food efficiently and conveniently, allowing Aussies to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals without the hefty price tag.

Develop a framework for the project’s financial plan

Plan for Suvie’s Financial Markets

Values for input

Media of the past

The amount is $7,500.00


The amount is $8,000.00

Publicity in the local area

The amount is $10,000.00

Marketing by telephone

The amount is $8,000.00

Cost of total development

The amount is $34,000.00

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing

The amount is $9,000.00

The social media

The amount is $11,500.00

Marketing via email

Amount: $8,000.00

Operational Costs

The amount is $28,500.00

Retention of customers

The amount is $12,000.00

Development of businesses

The amount is $15,500.00

Benefits as a whole

The amount is $27,500.00

The discount rate used

It is 3.0%

Analyzing the cost-benefit of a project

Analyzing the cost-benefit of a project

Variables used in the analysis:

In the INPUT_VALUES worksheet, enter the values for the cost-benefit analysis.

The discount rate used

It is 3.0%

Benefits for the year

The amount is $27,500.00

Costs associated with annual operations

The amount is $28,500.00

Costs associated with one-time development

The amount is $34,000.00

Project year

The first

The second

The third

The fourth

The number five


Benefits to the economy

0 dollars

The amount is $27,500.00

The amount is $27,500.00

The amount is $27,500.00

The amount is $27,500.00

The amount of $27,500.00

Rate of discount

The number one


This is 0.94266

This is 0.91151


There are 0.8626.

Benefits PV

0.00 dollars

26 699,03 dollars

25921.39 dollars

2443.39 dollars

23 721.74 dollars


0.00 dollars

The amount is $26,699.03

The amount is 52,620.42 dollars

The amount is $77,786.81

The amount of $1,02,220.21

The amount is $1,25,941.95

The amount is $1,25,941.95


(34,000.00 dollars)

Costs recurring

0.00 dollars

Amount ($28,500.00)

(28,500.00 dollars)

(28,500.00 dollars)

(28,500.00 dollars)

(28,500.00 dollars)

Rate of discount

The number 1.000


This is 0.9426.

It is 0.91151

This is 0.885


Recurring Cost PV

0.00 dollars

Amount ($27,669.90)

Amount ($26,863.98)

Amount ($26,081.54)

Amount ($25,321.88)

Amount ($24,584.35)

All-in NPV

Amount ($34,000.00)

(61,669.90 dollars)

The amount ($88,533.89)

Amount (1,14,615.42)

Amount ($1,39,937.30)

The amount is $1,64,521.65.

Amount (1,64,521.65)

NPV as a whole

(38,579.71 dollars)

ROI as a whole

A negative 0.2345

Analyzing the break-even point

NPV Cash Flow Yearly

(34,000.00 dollars)

(970.87 dollars)

(942.60 dollars)

(915.14 dollars)

The amount ($888.49)

(862.61 dollars)

NPV Cash Flow Overall

Amount ($34,000.00)

Amount ($34,970.87)

Amount ($35,913.47)

36,828.61 dollars

Amount ($37,717.10)

Amount ($38,579.71)

Analyze the break-even point

Issues related to logistics and operations

There are logistical and operational problems associated with the Suvie kitchen robot. Suvie Smart Meals deliver meals to customers’ doorsteps. In the meantime, the food items may be rotten during delivery. Also, they can serve late and cause customers to be dissatisfied (Ka, Ding and Cooper 2016). The Suvie Smart Meals can also deliver faulty items. Thus, these are all logistical problems.

The operational issues are linked to customers, who may find it difficult first to become familiar with the Suvie device. It has a multi-zone cooking facility and refrigeration system, unfamiliar to them and they can mismanage causing malfunctions leading to accidents and distress.

Project risks and their impact on business operations

As a result, Suvie manufacturers aren’t sure if the Suvie kitchen robot will meet the needs of customers or not. Customers are at risk if they don’t impress them (Bovbel and Nejat 2014). The device is not completely 100 percent tested. There is a risk that accidents can occur, or that the device may malfunction. All of these risks can result in heavy losses for the business.

Information related to the project:

Kickstarter project requirements and information needed

There is no doubt that Kickstarter is the largest funding platform for creative minds and creative projects in the world. Suvie manufacturers have developed a kitchen robot that can cook in multiple zones and refrigerate food. It also adjusts its cooking time and temperature based on the customer’s preference.

The implementation of this project and its accomplishments

The primary aim of the project is to create a robot for busy employees who don’t have time to cook their meals (Holthaus et al. 2016). Moley is currently hailed as the world’s first robotic kitchen, able to prepare food like a professional chef, as well as clean up utensils and kitchens afterwards. The Suvie robot kitchen has a zone-based cooking system and can even refrigerate. However, it could benefit from some extra features and improvements in order to make it as adept at cooking like Moley. Manufacturers should consider enhancing its capabilities so that it can replicate the same standard of meals.

Questions to follow up on:

According to my understanding, Suvie kitchen robot works according to customer wishes. The customer sets the timeframe; the Suvie adjusts the time and cooks food within the timeframe. Is Suvie-kitchen robot internet-connected? Can Amazon Alexa control the Suvie? Can it be controlled by a human command?

Skills and Experience Relevant to the Position:

Moley is a fully functional robot that operates in a sophisticated, well-designed professional kitchen. It has the capability to cook over 100 different meals expertly and can be programmed with even more meals to better serve customers. Robots today are mostly connected to the internet, taking commands through Amazon Alexa or smartphone apps (Lahijanian and Kwiatkowska 2016). By adopting these features, the Suvie can become more user-friendly, allowing manufacturers to increase their productivity and market share. To achieve this goal, the research team needs to work hard and focus on developing robots that meet customer needs effectively. Looking for essay help !!

Taking stock

The Suvie kitchen robot has great potential to benefit the busy working professionals in Australia, so launching it there is an important goal of our team. To complete the registration for this product in Australia, the manufacturers must follow various norms and procedures as well as file documents with the Property Information Department. Additionally, as international and consumption trade heavily depend on overseas markets, they may face taxes and issues with cultural barriers to trade. Furthermore, Australian consumers may encounter difficulties while using this device for the very first time; they are not yet accustomed to Suvie. Get Assignment writing help in US !!

The Suvie manufacturers must implement necessary mechanisms to reduce the risks. To offer their customers a more satisfying experience, they should set up customer service centres in Australia and assemble a technical team with 24×7 communication in the native language. Offers and discounts can be used to lure customers and make them aware of all the benefits the kitchen robot provides. However, there are still certain problems that might arise such as failure to deliver on time or food spoilage. To address this kind of difficulties, a third-party logistics company can help collect and deliver meals packages while complying with high standards. With this strategy, Suvie will be able to offer its Aussie consumers a top-notch product and service they can rely on. Additionally, adopting an information system technology could allow them to better track down every activity of their customers as well as monitor employees’ behaviour. All of these aspects combined will guarantee a successful management of the Smart Meals Service.