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Top 10 UK College with Highest number of students


UK Universities With Most International Students

UK Universities With Most International Students
UK Universities With Most International Students

The UK universities with the most international students range from King’s College London to The University of Glasgow, The University of Westminster, and all the way to Oxford and Cambridge. The higher education in the UK has been a field of interest for international students for decades now. Apart from being an academic goal for many students, the universities in the UK have also been a basis for higher education standards worldwide. The UK comes second as the most popular study destination. According to official international enrollment statistics, as of 2017/2018, 458,520 international students were attending university in the UK.

British universities have decades of experience working with international students, meaning these universities will ensure that each student’s needs will be met. Studying in the UK has many benefits – starting from the variety of degrees one can choose from as well as gaining sufficient skills to excel in the job market. But apart from the academic benefits, we have to agree, there are other reasons as to why one should study in the UK – a reasonable cost of living, affordable education, and a rich culture! Besides, with the number of international students who enroll in the UK universities each year, you will be exposed to a global and diverse environment that will surely play a big role in your growth.

As was mentioned previously, the UK is a popular study destination for internationals. China, India, US, Hong Kong, and Malaysia make the top five countries of origin of international students in the UK. Furthermore, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Greece are the top five EU countries of origin of students enrolled at UK universities.

The international student statistics in the UK show that the UK is, indeed, a dream destination for students worldwide! But which universities are these students interested in more? From the list of higher education institutions that the UK offers, here’s a non-chronological list of the UK universities with most international students:

EU Non-EU Total
University College London 4,930 13,060 17,990
The University of Manchester 2,785 10,965 13,750
The University of Edinburgh 3,725 8,300 12,025
King’s College London 4,080 7,095 11,175
The University of Glasgow 3,175 5,640 8,815
The University of Oxford 2,640 5,570 8,210
The University of Cambridge 2,635 4,415 7,050
The University of Westminster 2,285 4,090 6,375
The University of Aberdeen 2,865 1,915 4,780
The University of York 890 3,185 4,075

Here are the UK universities with the most international students in 2019:

The University of Manchester

As one of the largest universities in the UK, with around 40,000 students from all around the world, The University of Manchester carries the highest number of international students from around the globe. The campus of this university brings together around 160 nationalities, all aiming for academic success! According to statistics from the academic year 2017/2018, 66% of the students in this university are from within the UK, while 7% (2,785) comprise of students from countries within Europe, and a total of 27% (10,965) are from countries outside of Europe.

University College London

University College London is also one of the UK universities with most international students. From a total of above 40,000 students, 12% (4,930) of the students this university houses arrive from other EU countries outside of the UK, and 33% (13,060) to non-EU countries of origin. Its goal it to help students discover their perfect career, develop their skills, while offering them plenty of volunteering opportunities, a skilled academic staff, and a comfortable environment.

King’s College London

With about 32,270 students, 59% of which are undergraduate students and 41% postgraduate students, this institution is among the largest universities in the UK. King’s College London has quite a large percentage of international students, with 13% (4,080) being from EU countries, and 22% (7,095) from countries outside of EU. As the fourth oldest university in England, King’s College London has worked its way into being part of the top 10 UK universities in the world. This university is particularly known for its degrees in the humanities, law, the sciences (including psychiatry, medicine, nursing, dentistry), as well as the social sciences and international affairs. King’s goal is to develop successful students, alumni, and staff – that will later on contribute towards a better future. This institution looks forward with the highest optimism and professionalism. That’s why internationals are so interested in this university.

The University of Aberdeen

International students seem to have found their niche at The University of Aberdeen. This university has a number of 14,500 students, 67% of which come from the UK. The rest of them are international students, with 20% (2,865) of them being students from within the EU, and 13% (1,915) of them students from outside of the EU. The University of Aberdeen is Scotland’s third oldest university and it’s the fifth oldest in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, five Nobel Laureates are associated with this university. Which makes it a pretty attractive destination. Not only that – the academic staff, the broad variety of disciplines, the campus life – all these contribute to this university being one great academic goal for students globally.

The University of Westminster

This university is home to more than 19,000 students across its undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional courses. Helping students to discover their potential, this university offers the right tools and resources one needs for employability. Quite aware of the challenges of the job-market, this university prepares you for exactly that. Welcoming a large number of students from all over the world, 12% (2,285) of the total being from EU countries, with 21% (4,090) of the total arriving from non-EU countries.

The University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow comprises of about 29,725 students from all around the globe. Although 70% of the total come from within the United Kingdom, 11% (3,175) of the whole sum arrives from EU countries, and 19% (5,640) belong to non-EU origins. What’s particularly striking about this university is that 81% of their research is judged to be internationally excellent! Striving for excellence, this university offers just the best for its students. Inspiring “ambitious people to succeed”, creating future world changers, and striving for innovation is what this university excels at.

The University of Edinburgh

The beautiful Edinburgh is not only impressive as a beautiful, historic city but also due to the large interest in its university. The University of Edinburgh, home to more than 32,885 students, has a great international interest as well. Students from around the world have decided this to be their academic destination. The percentage of international students is quite high, 11% (3,725) of its students are from EU countries of origin, meanwhile a sum of 25% (8,300) of students who enroll in this university are from non-EU countries. The leading non-UK country of origin is China, followed by the USA as well as Germany, Canada, and Hong Kong.

The University of Cambridge

Contributing to society through the pursuit of education is what the mission of this university is. Its core values list freedom of expression as well as freedom from discimination. And if you think about it, these are indeed the core values every university should strive for. Around 20,510 students are enrolled in this university, 13% (2,635) of which are from EU countries of origin, and 22% (4,415) belong to non-EU countries of origin.

The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford’s total number of students is around 24,915. However, like in the aforementioned universities, not all of these students are from within the UK. Statistics show that 11% (2,640) of them are from EU countries of origin, while 22% (5,570) of them from non-EU countries of origin. The largest group of international students comes from the USA – 1,736; China (including Hong Kong and Macao) – 1,068; and Germany – 739. This university is well-known for being highly competitive. In 2018, more than 21,500 people applied for about 3,300 undergraduate places for entry. On an average, Oxford receives more than 6 applications for every available place.

The University of York

Excelling academically as well as gaining the right skills in order to thrive in the job market is what the University of York offers for its students. With its 30+ academic departments, this university teaches students to reach for the stars, however impossible that might seem. With 18,825 students enrolled at this university, 5% (890) of them belong to the EU countries of origin, and 17% (3,185) come from non-EU countries of origin. Further proving that the UK is not only a tourist attraction, it’s where students go in order to grow academically, professionally, as well as individually.

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