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Top 50 Dissertation Topics in Pharmaceutical Science in Ireland


Students undertaking a course in Pharmaceutical Science in Ireland must understand the need in Pharmaceutical Science to come up with good topics to present in their Dissertation in Pharmaceutical Science in Griffith College & Innopharma Education. Without a good title, there is a chance that your professor will not be going to be impressed by you, and this thing you do not want to happen. So here we are sharing with you the best top 50 dissertation topics in Pharmaceutical Science in Ireland.

  1. Address the impact that government support has when it comes to the thrift of most pharmaceutical companies in the industry
  2. Discuss the need for more support towards the drug regulation acts that have been passed in so many countries, citing relevant examples
  3. Design and development of drugs.
  4. Discuss the pharma–borne diseases, and explain why this is an epidemic
  5. Provide an elaborate market forecast for five years in the global pharma market
  6. Investigations of extracellular vesicles in triple-negative breast cancer
  7. Design and development of a hydrogel formulation with nanoparticles for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme
  8. Mechanistic understanding of enabling formulation approaches to improve oral bioavailability using porcine
  9. Bioactivity of plant extracts, microbial extracts, their chemical standardisation using different analytical techniques.
  10. A study of microcrystalline cellulose variability and how this impacts compaction performance
  11. Difference between Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
  12. Pharmacology, especially cancer pharmacology and neuropharmacology
  13. Infectious diseases and treatments.
  14. Molecular cardiology, immunopharmacology, inflammation, gastrointestinal and urogenital diseases.
  15. Molecular mechanisms of action of various synthetic and naturally occurring drugs
  16. Apoptotic inducers from plants, microbes and marine organisms
  17. Medicinal plants growing in the Asia-Pacific region, their chemical standardisation, isolation of medicinal agents from these plants, and their role in global health issues
  18. Pre-clinical development of cyclodextrin-based nanoparticles for oral delivery of protein/peptide
  19. Modified cyclodextrins for the targeted delivery of siRNA for prostate cancer therapy
  20. A Scientific Evaluation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Houttuynia Thunb Saururaceae – A Case Study
  21. Safety valuation, pre-clinical toxicology, interaction with drugs and harmful events of herbal preparations
  22. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of natural compounds
  23. General Medicine, Public health & hygiene, Tropical diseases, Endocrinology Anatomy, Neurology, Dermatology, Orthopedics, Organ transplantation, Oncology, Pathology, Haematology, Nephrology, Gynecology Ophthalmology Pediatrics, Radiology, Medical Biotechnology, Dentistry
  24. Allied sciences include drug regulatory affairs, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmaceutical biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Education and Hospital Pharmacy.
  25. A mixed-method study to explore the impact of nurse prescribing in clinical practice
  26. Gene delivery for the treatment of prostate cancer 
  27. Strategies to prevent potentially inappropriate prescribing and adverse drug reactions in older patients
  28. The gut microbiota as a contributing factor to antipsychotic-induced weight gain and metabolic dysfunction 
  29. Design and development of a hydrogel formulation with nanoparticles for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme
  30. Chemical biology studies on human and mouse secondary bile acids  
  31. Prevalence, patterns, and factors associated with multiple medicines use in Ireland’s ageing population with intellectual disability.  
  32. Mechanistic studies into the effect of deoxycholic acid on oesophageal cancer initiation and progression 
  33. Preparation of cocrystal-in-excipient systems by advanced pharmaceutical methods  
  34. Chemistry and Biology studies on anti-inflammatory bile acid derivatives  
  35. Targeting glial B2-adrenoceptors for immunomodulation & neuroprotection in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease  
  36. Synthesis of Tubulin Inhibitors with Variable Molecular Hinges for the Attachment of Aminopeptidase N Targeting Moieties  
  37. Electronic Counselling for Oral Anticoagulant Patients  
  38. Effect of hydrodynamics on the dissolution rate of poorly soluble drugs in the flow-through apparatus  
  39. The specialist pharmacist and quality indicators of medication use in the care of people with intellectual disabilities and behaviour disorders  
  40. Discuss the challenges that market niches in the pharmaceutics industry have posed in the market
  41. Critically examine the pharmaceutical theory of personality, highlighting the typical applications of this principle in the market today.
  42. Novel coatings for complex tissue implants 
  43. A mixed-method study to explore the impact of nurse prescribing in clinical practice 
  44. Development of a dissolvable microneedle influenza vaccine patch 
  45. Phytochemical studies on Choisya x dewitteana ‘Aztec Pearl.’  
  46. Understanding the role of low glass transition temperature excipients in the mitigation of amorphisation on mechanical processing
  47. Nitrate-barbiturate compounds inhibit matrix metalloproteinase-9 in in-vitro and in-vivo models of intestinal inflammation.  
  48. The design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel multiple targeting anti-cancer agents  
  49. Design, synthesis and evaluation of indazoles as antiproliferative agents  
  50. Strategies to prevent potentially inappropriate prescribing and adverse drug reactions in older patients 

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