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Unit 2 Marketing Essentials Assignment


Unit 2 Assignment Help Business Management

LO1 Explain the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functional units of an organisation

You have joined a small size organisation as a marketing supervisor. This organisation can be your current place of work or an organisation where you have worked in the past. As the business is growing you realise that the organisation should now have a defined marketing department to increase market share and cater the needs of the customers more effectively. You have discussed your thoughts with the MD who has asked you to prepare an information booklet for the upcoming team meeting to help other partners in the business improve their understanding of the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functional units of an organisation.

Task 1:

Your information booklet will be expected to include:A critical analysis and evaluation of the roles of marketing function and its responsibilities and how they interrelate with other functional units of an organisation in a wider context.NB: You should support your analysis by using various marketing concepts, images, theories and examples from other businesses. Your information booklet should conform to the following:Prepare a booklet of not more than 5 A4 size pages with an approximate word count of 1000-1200 words. Your research should be referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Use Ariel font size 12, line spacing 1.5 and Justified alignment.
Unit 2 Marketing essentials
Unit 2 Marketing essentials

Task 2

LO2 Compare ways in which organisations use elements of the marketing mix (7Ps) to achieve overall business objectives.

This task requires you to compare the marketing mix activities of different organisations and analysing how they achieve their objectives. In this task you will now select another organisation, ideally an immediate competitor or another organisation from the same industry and compare the application of their marketing mix. In order to complete this task you will be required to:2.1 Evaluate and compare the application of marketing mix (7Ps) by the two organisations to demonstrate how their business objectives are being achieved.*NB: While analysing the application of the marketing mix elements, you will be expected to briefly discuss the concept of each marketing mix element and its contribution in achieving organisational goals.

Task 3

LO3 Develop and evaluate a basic marketing plan

In this task you will be required to produce a marketing plan for your initially selected business in Task1. Using your findings from Task 2, you will be required to:3.1 Design a strategic marketing plan that tactically applies the use of the 7Ps to achieve overall marketing objectives of your selected business.

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