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Unit 39: Sales Management Assignment


Aim of Unit 39: Sales Management in HND Business Assignment

The discipline regarding sales management could be explicitly discussed in this Unit 39: Sales Management in HND Business Assignment. In the era of globalization, how sales have changed would be the main focus of this Sales Management Assignment. Due to globalization and the emergence of e-commerce, the dynamics in sales management have changed. All these factors have led organizations to adopt various approaches regarding sales management. This situation has also helped give significant responses to the customer-oriented culture. This Unit 39: Sales Management in HND Business Assignment will simultaneously focus upon why sales management is essential and requirements for succeeding in today’s competitive world. In complex sales, environment-specific managerial procedures should be followed for best results.

Learning Outcomes of Sales Management in HND Business Assignment

LO1 Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of sales management

In order to make a correct approach towards sales, effective learning of sales management is essential. The sales management principles would govern an organisation’s effective running of sales. This Unit 39: Sales Management Assignmentin HND Business Assignment is important to understand sales management better. Several definitions, models, and strategies could be understood. Processes like “Consumer buying behaviour” “business buying behaviour” could also be used to understand the principles. The emergence of new technologies and modes of communication like Skype has improved sales management. In addition to that, online sales training is also provided nowadays to improve skills access to information.

LO2 Evaluate the relative merits of how sales structures are organized, and recognize the importance of ’selling through others’

Sales executives are significant in determining effective sales. In order to make sales by taking the help of others sales executives with proper skills have to be appointed. An executive of sales is supposed to have various skills sets for making sales. Some of such skills set include ethics of sales, the law of sales and leadership in sales. In order to provide effective sales, the proper structure must be created and accordingly, recruitment should be conducted. Setting goals would be an essential factor for effective sales management.

LO3 Analyze and apply principles of successful selling

Applying principles of selling helps in creating knowledge about customers. The first thing that could be done is to transform information into knowledge. Proper classification of sales leaders like cold, warm or hot is also essential. The approach of cold vs warm also enrols itself into the principles of selling. Determining other techniques like sales closing, sales principal, and ethics is equally essential in sales management. Recognising relationships like managing and building, terminating and exit is also a part of selling principles.

LO4 Demonstrate an understanding of the finance of selling

In order to understand selling under the head of finance, portfolio management is essential. Such management would include calculation of margins, mechanisms of payments and terms, the cycle of sales, specific sales management upon the industry. In addition to these, performance management and overall growth would also come under the consideration of portfolio management.

Learning Outcomes of Sales Management in HND Business Assignment and Assessment Criteria

LO1 Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of sales managementLO1, LO2&LO3 D1 Producea coherent, fully justified critical evaluation based upon a comprehensive understanding of sales management, structure and selling techniques within an organisation a long text.
P1 Examine the key principles of sales management in relation to the importance of sales planning, methods of selling and sale reporting.M1 Evaluate how principles of sales management will be different in response to consumer and business buying behaviour.
LO2 Evaluate the relative merits of how sales structures are organised and recognise the importance of selling through others’
P2 Evaluate the benefits of sales structures and how they are organised using specific organisational examples. P3Explain the importance and the advantages of the concept of selling through others.M2 Critically evaluate the implementation of different types of sales structures using specific organisation examples (e.g.geographic, marketing, product sales).
LO3Analyse and apply principles of successful selling
P4Analyse the key principles and techniques for successful selling and how they contribute to building and managing customer relationships in application to specific organisational examples.M3 Critically analyse the application of successful selling principles and techniques in application to specific organisational examples.
LO4Demonstrate an understanding of the finance of selling 
P5Explain the importance of developing sales strategies that yield the highest profitability and incorporating account management within sales structures.M4 Evaluate how core finance principles and successful portfolio management can lead to increased profitability and a competitive edge.D2 Critically evaluate and make recommendations on how sales structures and approaches can improve financial viability.

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