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Unit 41 Brand management Assignment HND


Unit 41 Brand management

Aim of Unit 41: Brand management

The unit is concerned about brand management of an organization. Focus would be created upon why brand is important for an organization. What image a brand would create is also a part of the study. The unit serves to explore various techniques and tools that would be required to enhance the brand value. In doing so focus would be made upon case examples for providing determination and inspiration. The real life examples helps in understanding better brand management. It could thus be understood that Brand management is quite important for placing a business in a prestigious position. 

Learning outcomes

LO1Demonstrate an understanding of how a brand is built and managed over time

LO2Analyze how brands are organized in portfolios and how brand hierarchies are built and managed

LO3Evaluate how brands are leveraged/extended over time domestically and internationally

LO4Evaluate techniques for measuring and managing brand value over time


Demonstrate an understanding of how a brand is built and managed over time

A brand could be built by using brand pyramid and also certain other processes. In order to understand brand building and management the advantages for branding could be considered. Moreover, defining brand equity and its development, growth would also help in the process. Marketing plays a very important role in brand equity and focus could also be spread upon such role. Management includes dealing with crisis, innovating and nourishing the brand, strategies of communication and using modern technologies to attract people.


Analyze how brands are organized in portfolios and how brand hierarchies are built and managed

In order to make a complete hierarchy of branding various kinds of branding could be used. Such brandings are corporate, umbrella and family branding. Brand equity also falls under the purview of hierarchy. How such equity is used forms a process in hierarchy. Model of customer based brand equity could be used to manage and develop the brand. Market research is also a very big tool that can be used in the management procedure.


Evaluate how brands are leveraged/extended over time domestically and internationally

Brand extension could be made by following certain strategies. Such strategies would include “Fit and leverage” process. Determination of how brand could be revitalized and reinforced by using various ways is also important. In addition to these partnerships, collaborations, positioning and branding also helps to understand brand extensions


Evaluate techniques for measuring and managing brand value over time

Management techniques for measuring brand values requires awareness of brand, share in market, attitudes of consumers and intent to purchase. Techniques of brand tracking and auditing also helps is managing brand values. Finance end branding has certain relationship and understanding of such could help in better understanding of the topic. Methods of finance, cost and market could be used as an approach for brand valuation.

Learning Outcomes andAssessmentCriteria

Pass Merit Distinction
LO1Demonstrateanunderstandingof howabrandisbuiltandmanagedovertime     LO1,LO2,LO3andLO4 D1Provideacriticalevaluationthatissupportedbyjustifiedevidencedemonstratingacomprehensiveunderstandingofbrandingwithinanorganisationalcontext.
P1Explaintheimportanceofbrandingasamarketingtoolandwhyandhowithasemergedinbusinesspractice. P2Analysethekeycomponentsofasuccessfulbrandstrategyforbuildingandmanagingbrandequity. M1Evaluatehowbrandsaremanagedsuccessfullyovertimeusingapplicationofappropriatetheories,modelsandconcepts. M2Apply appropriateandvalidatedexampleswithinanorganisationalcontext.
P3Analysedifferentstrategiesofportfoliomanagement,brandhierarchyandbrandequitymanagement. M3Criticallyanalyseportfoliomanagement,brandhierarchiesandbrandequityusingappropriatetheories,modelsandframeworks.
P4Evaluatehowbrandsaremanagedcollaborativelyandinpartnershipbothatadomesticandglobal level. M4Criticallyevaluatetheuseofdifferenttechniquesusedtoleverageandextendbrands.
P5Evaluatedifferenttypesoftechniquesformeasuringandmanagingbrandvalueusingspecificorganisationalexamples. M5Criticallyevaluateapplicationoftechniquesformeasuringandmanagingbrandvalueinrelationtodevelopingastrongandenduringbrand.


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