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Unit 7 Surveying, Measuring & Setting out


Unit 7 Surveying, Measuring & Setting out HND Assignment

When submitting evidence for assessment, each student must sign a declaration confirming that the work is their own.

Student name:Assessor name: George Baho
Issue date: 08.11.2022Submission date: 21.02.2023Submitted on:                                                 
Programme: Higher Nationals Certificate- Construction and the Built Environment, 2022 – 2023
Unit: 7 Surveying, Measuring & Setting out
Assignment number and title: 1- Application of topographic surveying and staking out of construction elements,


Plagiarism is a particular form of cheating. Plagiarism must be avoided at all costs and students who break the rules, however innocently, may be penalised.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand correct referencing practices.  As a university level student, you are expected to use appropriate references throughout and keep carefully detailed notes of all your sources of materials for material you have used in your work, including any material downloaded from the Internet. Please consult the relevant unit lecturer or your course tutor if you need any further advice.

Student Declaration

Student declaration I certify that the assignment submission is entirely my own work and I fully understand the consequences of plagiarism. I understand that making a false declaration is a form of malpractice.      Student signature:                                                                                        Date:   

 School of Engineering- Technology and Innovation (ENG TI)

Higher Nationals Certificate- Construction and the Built Environment 2022 – 2023

Assignment Brief- BTEC (RQF) 

Student Name/ID Number: 
Unit Number and Title:7 Surveying, Measuring & Setting-out
Academic Year:2022-2023
Unit Assessor: 
Assignment Title:Assignment 1- Application of topographic surveying and staking out of construction elements,
Issue Date:08.11.2022
Submission Date:Formative Assessment : 13.12.2022Summative Assessment: 21.02.2023
Internal Verifier Name:Fred Coba
Submission Format:
Survey Data & Report (1500-2000 words)The submission is in the form of an individual written report which includes all the field booking-in sheets.Photographic evidence of the practical work including witnessing the stations should also be made available.You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs and subsections as appropriate and all work must be supported with research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. The field booking-in sheets should be dated and correctly referenced. Presentation (15-minutes) The preparation for presentation should be appropriate to the audience, both in terms of the nature and level of material they use and in terms of length.. Traditional presentation using PPT or other multimedia tools will be accepted. A copy of the presentation will be required in addition to the report. Provide a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system for any texts quoted. 
Unit Learning Outcomes:
LO1 Undertake a survey to establish a station network for horizontal and vertical control LO2 Explain the process of undertaking a topographic survey LO3 Apply industry standard techniques in the production, transferring and staking out of co-ordinates of multiple construction elements LO4 Prepare a report on the causes of errors and techniques to improve accuracy, including the use of digital data. 
Assignment Brief and Guidance:
 You are employed by a local surveying company and have been approached by a national property development company for a full topographic survey of a local plot of land. The topographic survey is required for the initial and detailed design process. Part of the requirement is to set a control network of stations that can be used for future surveys and to aid in the setting out once construction commences. The client requires the network to be robust with a minimum of five stations. The station will be identified by your tutor on the grass area within Uxbridge College Premises. Your survey data will also need to include your calculation of internal angles with adjustment to the measured angles, followed by calculation to the coordinates values to the five stations using ENH coordinates. The calculated coordinates should be adjusted and corrected for the final coordinates and heights of the stations. Also, you are required to carry out calculations comparing the accuracy of the closed traverse survey with the RICS standard accuracy of measurements. Forms required to calculate close traverse computations required by LO1 are included at the end of the assignment.Using your data from the survey, the client has requested that you transfer the project information to the total station ( Leica TS), and complete the setting out; using both free-station and total station with both horizontal and vertical control points given to you by your tutor. To confirm accuracy, you will need to analyse the tie distances and total station, as well as other means. Obsrvation Record sheet will be used to grade learning of the LO3. Following your survey and establishment of a control network, you are asked to prepare a report for the client. This will describe the different types of control networks, including both local and national stations. This will also evaluate the cause of errors in surveying, setting-out and data transfer you practice during outdoor activities. In a presentation, to the client, you are asked to explain the overall process of conducting a survey, and describe (with examples) the common coding system and data exchange processes involved in surveying and setting out. By reviewing the content of your topographic survey, you will discuss your analysis of its suitability to support the design. Finally, you are asked to analyse and assess the accuracy of the topographic survey and the techniques used in setting-out. Review the content of the survey in summary form, including the survey’s ability to assist the design team.
Instructions and guidance to candidates: Note: All information sources and resources, including websites used to complete this assignment must be stated and correctly referenced in the document and/or presentation. No credit will be given for wholesale copying from information sources and checks for plagiarism may be made on your submitted work. Get Cookery assignments now !!
Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria
LO1 Undertake a survey to establish a station network for horizontal and vertical control. 
P1 Describe the types of control networks that are available for surveying, including examples of local and national stations.P2 Carry out a closed traverse survey of a network, including at least five stations.P3 Calculate corrected co-ordinates and heights for the stations and explain the stages used.M1 Calculate and compare the accuracy achieved in a closed traverse survey.LO1 & LO2D1 Assess the accuracy of a network in the production of a topographic survey.
LO2 Explain the process of undertaking a topographic survey.
P4 Explain the process of conducting a topographic survey for a given plot of land, including initial control.P5 Describe, with examples, common coding systems and data exchange processes, including communicating final outcomes.M2 Review the content of a topographic survey, including analysis of its suitability to assist the design team in completing the design.
LO3 Apply industry standard techniques in the production, transferring and staking out of co-ordinates of multiple construction elements   D2 Analyse both the accuracy achieved and the techniques used during the practical exercise
P6 Extract and transfer the required data from a given project to a total station in order to allow Setting-out to commenceP7 Complete a full Setting out operation on a given project by utilising a total station free station programme, including both horizontal and vertical controlM3 Analyse the accuracy achieved from a Setting out operation from tie distances recorded, total station stored data and another means
LO4 Prepare a report on the causes of errors and techniques to improve accuracy, including the use of digital data. D3 Analyse the techniques used to improve accuracy, including the implication of Setting-out errors and the application of industry standard technology/ software
P8 Prepare a report on the common causes of errors in both Setting-out and surveyingP9 Compare the accuracy of Setting-out data to national standardsM4 Evaluate the causes of errors in surveying, Setting-out and data transfer. Get Best BTEC HND assignment help !!

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