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University College London Assignment Help UK


University College of London(UCL)

University College of London is a public research university. It was established in 11 february 1826. The University founder inspired by the Jeremy Bentham. It is the third largest and oldest university in the United Kingdom. This university was the first university institution to be established in London.

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UCL Assignment Help
UCL Assignment Help

UCL had around 37,900 students and 14,600 staff (including around 7,100 academic staff members. The university college of London had around 37,900 students and 14,600 staff members. This university was the top-rated university in the UK. The university operates many Museums. The university alumni include the father of the Nation of India.

The academics of this university discovered the stirring gases. Academy discovered hormones and invented the vacuum tube. Leonard Horner was the first warden of the London University. The philosopher Jeremy Bentham was the founder of this university. London University founded the University School in 1830. In 1871, the Slade School of Fine Arts was founded as part of London University.

Implementation of UCL moodle in University College London UK

UCL moodle is implemented in university college london so that students can get access of all learning resources through moodle ucl. UCL moodle login is available at the homepage site of the college. UCL moodle snapshot is provided to understand its functionality so that students can understand and make use of it. moodle ucl login can be used through username and password given at the time of enrollment. New Moodle ucl is available and has replaced the old UCL moodle so as to add more functionalities.

Moodle UCL
Moodle UCL

Facilities of University College of London

Facilities include the main library and 15 specialist libraries. The London University diverse wide range of Museums and Collections. It has a wealth of objects, artworks, specimens, and images. This university offers the dynamic academic community, with lectures and exhibitions. The London University offers excellent facilities for language learning and professional purposes. The University offers amply of opportunity to take part in team sports.

These Courses are Available in the University College of London

Undergraduate Courses

  • Ancient World
  • Archaeology
  • International Management BSc
  • Chemistry with Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Engineering (civil)
  • Greek with Latin with study abroad
  • Law
  • Linguistic (International Programme)
  • Russian and History
  • Psychology with Education

Postgraduate Courses

  • Applied Linguistic
  • Archaeology
  • Business Administration
  • Biosocial Medical Anthropology
  • Comparative Economics and policy
  • Engineering with Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Heath and Society: Social Epidemiology
  • Language, Cultural, and History: Dutch Studies
  • Neuroscience
  • Principles of Conservation
  • Professional Education and Training
  • Social Science Research Methods
  • Urban Economic Development
  • Women Health

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