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Working with diverse population Assignment Help


Working with diverse population

Assessment 1 Information

Title: Major essay

Type: Assignment – Written Assignment
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 3
Due Date:
         20 Jan 23 11:30pm
Weight: 50%
Marked out of: 50
Task Description:

This task is a major essay on examining and working across difference (maximum 2,500 words).

The assignment should be submitted via the Turnitin link provided on the next page.

Choose ONE population-group.

For example:

  • Refugees (specify which group, i.e., Sudanese, Burmese, Afghani)
  • Migrants (specify which group, i.e., Lebanese, Samoan)
  • Indigenous Australians
  • LGBTIQ+ communities
  • Older people (from rural areas, from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds)
  • People with one / multiple disabilities (physical, intellectual, mental health)

Your essay should cover the following:

Critically examining and understanding difference:

  • Demographics and key features of the particular group in Australian society (What information do I need to know about this group?)
  • Relevant historical and current day perspectives, policies and practices affecting this group (What has changed over the years in relation to this group? What are key contemporary issues?)
  • Central beliefs, views and perspectives (if relevant) (What are the key characteristics, i.e., what differentiates this group from others?)
  • Potential issues of contention or challenges in relation to Australian systems (What are the major issues faced in terms of, for example, health, welfare, education, housing, law, income support?), and perceptions of responsibility and obligation (such as the role of the government and human services practice) in relation to working more effectively with this group.

Working across difference:

  • Key theoretical frameworks/approaches and research for working/intervening or engaging with this population– cover specific and relevant theoretical frameworks/ approaches. You need to cover what knowledge and skills you would employ in working with and alongside this group as a human service practitioner.
  • Implications for current policy directions, and for practice (What needs improving or challenging in the current context?), as well as for the practitioner responding to this group in a professional capacity (i.e. consider your own values, assumptions, worldview – how could this impact on your professional capacity with this particular group?)

Criteria & Marking:

  • Understanding difference: Clear identification and explanation of the groups’ demographics; key features; historical and current day perspectives; policies and practices affecting this group; central beliefs, views and perspectives (if relevant); and potential issues of contention or challenges for this group in relation to Australian systems (18 marks)
  • Working across difference: Identification of relevant and key theoretical frameworks/approaches and research for working/intervening or engaging with this group; implications for policy, resourcing and practice (18 marks)
  • Research: Evidence of broad reading and use of literature to support your key points and argument about issues, appropriate theoretical frameworks/ approaches and interventions and policy, resourcing and practice implications (you are expected to refer to a good range of high-quality resources, that is, at least 12 peer-reviewed resources PLUS relevant books and reliable websites) (7 marks)
  • Essay structure, grammar and referencing (APA 7th edition) (7 marks).